Comfort Dimensions

Whether work or leisure time, sport or culture - buildings of all kinds offer living room for people and significantly determine their well-being.
Our objective is to sustainably improve the quality of buildings and simultaneously optimize their comfort for users!
We have summarized the various human needs for different types of buildings in six comfort dimensions:

Design freedom

Room climate


The more natural the room climate, the greater the feeling of well-being

Whether within one’s own four walls or in the work environment - a healthy room climate is decisive for our sense of well-being. After all, we spend most of our life in rooms.

A cosy room temperature of about 22°C is generally regarded as an important wellbeing factor. The basic preconditions for an ideal temperature for a feeling of wellbeing are the optimal energy efficiency of the building and a balanced relationship between room air temperature, surface temperature and humidity. Pleasant room air may be neither too damp nor too dry.

Through the choice of the right glazing, an optimum level of daylight, thermic protection in winter and protection against overheating in summer can be achieved.

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In the spatial calm lies the soothing strength.

Living in peace, recovering from the noisy world or to do some concentrated and undisturbed work.

Increased soundproofing in all areas of life becomes even more important for human well-being. The various everyday noise sources and irritations represent a particular problem for people who are very sensitive to noise, also representing a danger to their physical and spiritual health.

Special Multi-Comfort solutions with above-average sound absorption orientate themselves on feelings of people and are several decibels better than required by technical guidelines and value specifications.

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Living space and personal development

The individual style gives every room exactly the character and the atmosphere in which one can feel comfortable. Whether in the working world, in the private residential area or in leisure time.

Comfort, in connection with design freedom, means everything which allows people to design rooms freely according to their wishes, ideas and standards. The basic principle of the Multi-Comfort concept is to make it possible, if required, subsequently to also be able to adapt rooms to one’s own needs and requirements.

Precisely this freedom and flexibility in design, coupled with high quality standards is what characterizes the Multi-Comfort solutions.

Whether it is a matter of the numerous possibilities of colour choices in order to create a varied and coherent room concept, or whether glass elements which convey a feeling of spaciousness and transparency.

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Designing rooms – Sparing resources.

Building responsibly – sparing resources. Multi-Comfort solutions are future-oriented solutions, which result from and are based on the awareness of sustainable, responsible thinking and action. Products and systems which combine material and ideal values with each other. Solutions which offer a long service life of the constructions and a high energy efficiency.

Of course, the building materials and systems should be characterized by a good ecological balance, emit no pollutants and to a great extent be re-installable and re-usable.

“Creating and retaining values in accord with the requirement of sustainability, durability and reliability is the driving force behind our activities”.

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Enjoying comfort with safety

Indispensable for a comprehensive feeling of comfort is the fulfilled desire for the greatest possible safety. This intuitive and natural need for protection is established in human beings right from birth and is genuinely expansive.

Rooms surrounding us should offer an opportunity to retreat and protection against dangers from outside. In this connection, fire protection for the protection of health and life as well as of precious possessions has a very special role to play in the overall building planning which requires planning and realizing constructions which are as fire safe as possible.

Besides fire protection, mechanical load-bearing capacity and robustness are further key factors for safety. The more robust and stable the construction, the more protection it offers – also against loss of value.

Another important aspect of safety and comfort is living health, which to a great extent is dependent upon the room climate.

Healthy and cosy rooms guarantee a high level of labour productivity, a pleasant climate for studying and an optimal environment for relaxing.

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Having more time means having more comfort

In our characteristically hectic society, time is meanwhile one of the most important and precious values. For that reason alone, concepts like finding time, having time or saving time are already synonymous with more quality of life and personal comfort.

High-quality materials are easy to care for and significantly reduce the time and effort required for maintenance, for example, self-cleaning glazing solutions from Saint-Gobain.

Multi-Comfort solutions stand for above-average reductions in time as a result of much faster production, installation and renovation than with conventional products. The associated improvement in processing time provides the dimension of time with more room, so to speak.

Rooms can be used more quickly and new construction as well as modernization measures can be realized more economically. As a result, more time is produced both for the people doing the building and also for their customers. Time for the beautiful things in life, which noticeably add to the personal feeling of wellbeing.

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