The exterior plaster leaves a lasting mark on the character and image of a building. A mineral render like 200 (German) is thereby a rewarding investment in the future. Healthy living accommodation is one of the basic needs of human-beings. Pure mineral renders from Weber contribute to cosiness and safety. The lime-cement-bound render is the most mineral of all renders on the market. The mineral render has a durably high impact-resistance and always gets the top A1 rating in fire tests. No other render is more durable and has such a low need for maintenance as mineral render. Through its open, mineral structure it is not susceptible to soiling. The easy sanding of the surface over the decades leads to a functional self-cleaning effect.

A decisive advantage is the use of mica. This can be used exclusively with fine rendering. In sunlight it causes a noble, discreetly glittering effect of the façade. For the colouring of the fine render a choice can be made between 161 attractive shades.


  • low maintenance
  • self-cleaning effect
  • 161 attractive colours

weber.pas top

Finish renders frequently contain biocides to prevent alga growth on the façade. Weber proves that effective protection against algae is possible even without biocide film preservation. A technology developed by Saint-Gobain Weber is now making the use of approx. 350 t of these biocides each year superfluous.

The technology regulates the humidity of the façade in that adhering droplets are extended and capillary-actively led away. The evaporation area is considerably extended, the façade dries faster. As a result, algae and mould are prevented in a physical and thus environmentally friendly way. With weber.pas top (German) the renovation cycle of the façade is reduced as a result of the lower pollution.


  • top innovative: extremely fast surface drying
  • top ecological: physical action principle without biocide film preservation
  • top effective: lasting protection against algae and mould

Weber DesignFloor

Planners and building owners value the qualities and the design options of the Weber DesignFloor, they are unique, versatile and durable. The Weber DesignFloor (German) impresses through its simple elegance and its individuality. With this system you can create unique, seamless floors which, with their elegant purism, put exhibition objects and pieces of furniture in museums, high-quality shops and reception areas, as well as in lofts and private houses, into the right light.


  • unique design
  • versatile
  • durable

Glasroc F (Riflex)

An attractive, agreeable architecture depends last not least on the degree of freedom which building-materials allow in the interior design. In particular, curved, flowing forms like bows, arched ceilings, pillars or curved walls are essential features of modern architecture today.

Thanks to Glasroc F (Riflex) (German) there are hardly any limits to creative expression. Because with the flexible special plasterboard from Rigips curvatures are possible for walls and ceilings which cannot be achieved, or can only be achieved at considerably greater expense with conventional building-materials. Glasroc F (Riflex) can be used as fire protection plasterboard.


  • Flexible when dry
  • particularly suitable for arched and curved components
  • efficient and sure in the system
  • Fire protection board

ProMix Finish

Sophisticated design, however, not only finds its expression in an architectural use of forms but it is often also dependent for its effect on a high-quality aesthetic design of surfaces. With its high degree of white, rea dy-to-use ProMix Finish (German) hand jointing material from Rigips is the ideal quality product for flawless, radiant white surface results. With it, you can really see that everything simply runs smoothly.

ProMix Finish

  • Ready-to-process fine filling compound for manual processing
  • Optimal joint and surface finish (Q 2 to Q 4)
  • Usable on plasterboards, concrete, aerated concrete, rough rendered areas and other bases
  • High degree of whiteness, optimal for further surface design
  • Very easy to grind

VacuPad 007

When every centimetre counts, VacuPad 007 VacuPad 007(German) is just what you need. With a thickness of 31mm, our product innovation is slimmer than conventional insulating materials and thus helps to save valuable living space in the interior insulation. Thus, VacuPad is outstandingly suitable for special cases in protected historic buildings, for steep roofs and basement ceilings with a low ceiling height and for the closure of heat bridges. An insulating core made of silicic acid is enclosed in a vacuum with a multi-layered aluminium-plastic film and securely welded together. The result is an extremely thin insulating board. An elastic sealing tape at the edges additionally reduces the formation of heat bridges. Thus, five times the insulating performance is possible with the same thickness.


  • Very thin
  • Very efficient
  • Easy to handle with Isover Vacusoft
  • Thermal conductivity of 0,007 W/(m • K


The excellent resistance of ULTIMATE (German) to very high temperatures (up to 650°C), are ideal for insulating buildings requiring exceptional fire resistance. This new material is the result of several years’ research and development in response to our customers’ safety and comfort demands. Isover ULTIMATE is a light mineral wool offering the same properties as traditional Isover mineral wool in terms of insulation, easy handling, environment-friendliness and value for money. The major new feature lies in ULTIMATE’s excellent resistance to high temperatures to insulate buildings offering exceptional fire resistance. This performance is the result of a unique, patented glass composition.


  • Melting point of > 1,000°C
  • Same fire and heat resistance as stone wool,
  • But as light and easy to handle as glass wool.
  • RAL Quality Mark as a distinctive and active part of consumer protection
  • “Blauer Engel” eco-label for ecologically superior product quality.


Novelio® offers a wide range of woven and non woven paintable wall coverings made of glass fiber for protection and decoration of walls and ceilings. Our products can be used in new construction: their high mechanical resistance prevents cracks from appearing and in renovation: they easily cover cracks and walls irregularities. We developed a soft touch coating that make our products friendly to apply and to handle.


  • Durable protection of walls and ceilings
  • Prevents small cracks from appearing on the wall
  • Reinforces sensitive surfaces
  • easy to install, soft and pleasant to use
  • Resists abrasion


Thanks to the high-quality plastic used for the spacer from SWISSPACER, in connection with a unique range of colours, you can optimally design every insulating window or every façade. The attractive look has a velvety, dull look, without shiny metal effects. SWISSPACER is available in 17 different colours and can be produced according to the customer‘s wishes in any other colour.


  • the perfect optical matt surface finish for your insulation glass
  • no irritating reflection by sun rays on the surface
  • with 17 available colours, SWISSPAVER offers the perfect colour concept for all windows


With SGG DECORGLASS ® (German) Saint-Gobain Glass has a unique programme of translucent glasses at its disposal – clear, coloured or with wire inserts - which are produced by impressing a pattern in the still liquid molten glass. Thanks to the great choice of decors, colours and structures, SGG DECORGLASS® is perfectly suitable for the creation of brighter and at the same time more discreet rooms in the home or work areas:

  • Fixed and mobile partition walls
  • Glass doors and door sections
  • Window and façade panels
  • Shower cubicles and bath partitions
  • Furniture (e.g. tables, desks, shop counters, shelves, cupboard door panels)
  • Banisters for indoors and out
  • Street furnishings


SGG MASTERGLASS® (German) results from rolling the still liquid molten glass between two cylinders, which are marked with extreme precision, in order to allow the geometric reliefs to be shown off to their best effect. The glasses in this Saint-Gobain Glass series have a structured side and a smooth one. This new generation of cast glasses is suitable for all projects in residential and non-residential area, such as offices, shops, hotels and restaurants etc.

The range of applications of SGG MASTERGLASS® is almost unlimited:

  • Window and façade glazing
  • Banisters indoors and out, balcony partitions
  • Fixed and mobile partition walls, glass doors
  • Stairs, floors
  • Shower cubicles and bath partitions
  • Furniture


SGG SATINOVO® (German) is full-surface, acid-etched floating glass which has one smooth and one satined, homogeneous surface. It is available in two etching tones:

  • SGG SATINOVO® is more lightly etched and has a silky surface.
  • SGG SATINOVO® MATE is more strongly etched and has a matt, less transparent surface.

Both Saint-Gobain Glass products make it possible to optimally provide rooms with light and at the same time to protect them from indiscreet views.

The ranges of application of SGG SATINOVO ®:

  • Window and façade glazing
  • Banisters indoors and out, balcony partitions
  • Fixed and mobile partition walls, glass doors
  • Stairs, floors
  • Shower cubicles and bath partitions
  • Furniture


SGG VISION-LITE® (German) is a coated anti-reflex glass. The transparent metal oxide film is applied under vacuum on the two outer surfaces of the glass and creates the anti-reflex effect. An insulating glass made of two panes of SGG vision LITE®, therefore has 4 anti-reflex surfaces. Its high transparency permits perfect views of objects. The observer is scarcely disturbed by light reflexes, nor by reflections from the surroundings and can recognize colours clearly and with rich contrast.


SGG MIRALITE-REVOLUTION®(German) is a mirror of highest Saint-Gobain Glass quality, manufactured with non-lead-based varnishes (lead content < 0.15% in relation to the entire coat of varnish). The mirror is created by the application of a highly reflective, brilliant silver layer on the glass which for its protection is coated be one or several highly durable coats of varnish.

The glass chosen to reflect images distinguishes itself through its high optical quality. The current manufacturing method is environmentally harmless.


SGG CONTOUR® (German) is the Saint-Gobain Glass brand name for curved architectural glass and can be produced from the most varied base glasses and further processed to produce a wide range of end-products. The base glass shaped using the gravity method, is heated up to the transformation range in order to then be adapted to the corresponding curved form.

SGG CONTOUR® finds application in:

  • Façade glazing, over-head glazing
  • Banisters indoors and out, balcony partitions
  • Fixed and mobile partition walls
  • Panorama elevators, revolving and sliding door systems
  • Shower cubicles, bathroom partitions, display cabinets, sales counters, refrigerator units


SGG CREA-LITE ® (German) is produced from clear or coloured glass by means of thermal forming at high temperatures. Since the glass is generally very thick, depending on the substrate glass used, the surface has an irregular structure. The product is manufactured exclusively by order. This permits a very wide creative diversity with respect to the texture (SGG CREA-LITE® RELIEF), as well as to the colours (SGG CREA-LITE® FUSED).


SGG EMALIT® Evolution (German) is a coloured, opaque or translucent wall covering for indoors and out, manufactured through an even application of a layer of enamel one side of a pane of glass. The new enamel colours no longer contain any dangerous metals (e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury or chrome VI < 1.000 ppm in the enamel composition). The enamel coating, burnt-in at a very high temperature, melts together completely with the glass surface, so that an extraordinary durability can be guaranteed.


SGG SERALIT ® Evolution (German) is a pre-stressed glass with one or several motifs made of coloured mineral enamel, opaque or translucent, which are applied using the screen printing process. The enamel coatings contain no dangerous metals like lead or cadmium. This protects both the environment and health, and guarantees perfect recycling. The motifs are burnt-into the glass at a very high temperature and fuse completely with the glass surface lending it an exceptional durability.


SGG PLANILAQUE ® Evolution (German) is a lacquered float glass for all indoor applications. The opaque, coloured photo-resistant coating is applied to the back of the glass and hardened, and distinguishes itself through its high degree of robustness. This protects it from damage and the guarantees the durability of the colours, which are brighter than with painted coatings. The composition of the coating used for SGG PLANILAQUE ® EVOLUTION makes it possible to also use the glass in wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. SGG PLANILAQUE® EVOLUTION can be cut to size like a mirror, edge-processed and drilled.


SGG STADIP ® COLOR (German) is a monotone composite safety glass. It consists of two panes which are connected together by one or more coloured sheets of polyvinyl butyral film (PVB) from the VANCEVATM product line. Special transparent or translucent shades can be obtained by overlaying a maximum of four sheets of film from a total range of 13 basic films. As a result, SGG STADIP® makes it possible to create exclusive colours for every project - no matter whether in transparent or translucent forms.


SGG PICTUREit ® (German) combines attractive glass design with a high degree of functionality – to completely satisfy the specific requirements. Thanks to its possibility of transferring digital templates directly to glass using ceramic colours, completely new design possibilities are created for glass surfaces. The highly-developed printing technology thereby transfers minute colour droplets precisely on the glass. As a result, motifs are formed which fuse with the glass surface through a thermal process. Due to the qualities of the ceramic coatings SGG PICTUREit® is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor areas as well as in wet rooms. The durable combination of ceramic coating and glass provides the decoration with a very high level of durability.


SGG LITE-FLOOR ® (German) is a laminated safety glass which was developed especially for use in planned walkable areas like floors and the treads of stairs. These laminated safety glasses consist of at least three individual sheets which are laminated with each other using a very highly tear-proof polyvinyl butyral foil (PVB foil). The individual sheets are produced depending on application and laying situation in float glass, pre-stressed glass, partly pre-stressed glass or a combination of these glasses. Through changes in the number and/or thicknesses of the individual components, composite safety glasses are produced with different qualities. This makes it possible to find the respectively right system for the most varied uses.

Possible applications of SGG LITE-FLOOR® are:

  • Stairs and galleries
  • Ceilings
  • Usable roofs
  • Glass bridges


SGG Point ® (German) is a programme for glazings held by dot fixings with various hold systems. The static dot fixings made of high-grade stainless steel absorb the static and dynamic forces which have an effect on the glazing. (dead-weight of the glass, climatic loads and differential expansion due to temperature differences etc.), The plastic between the ball head and the glass, provide for both the even distribution of the forces and the tightness of the façade.


Permanent architectural membrane material (Teflon® coated fiberglass) was developed in the early 1970s through the joint efforts of DuPont, Owens-Corning, Birdair and CHEMFAB (now Saint-Gobain).

SHEERFILL® membrane's long list of attributes offers architects new flexibility in design. A variety of panel shapes can be combined into almost endless geometric configurations, allowing architects to address complex aesthetic and functional challenges while creating buildings of stunning beauty and excitement. As a result, impressive and amazing roofs and façades, such as the roofs of the football stadiums in Munich and Kiev or the roofing of the “EXPO Boulevard” in China were created.

An additional functionality can be achieved through the new photo-catalytic coating EverClean. When UV light strikes the EverClean photocatalytic TiO2-based surface, hydroxy radicals (.OH) and superoxide radicals (O2-) oxidize (decompose) all organic substances. Rain or water washes them away keeping Sheerfill® surfaces dazzling white forever! Maintenance cleaning is eliminated, as are environmentally deleterious cleaning agents. Even in cities and other areas where excessive consumer and industrial particulates are present in the atmosphere, your landmark structure remains clean.


  • ultimate design freedom
  • unique design
  • white remains white with the EverClean Topcoat
  • optimal daylight conditions/li>