The three BlueComfort tile adhesives weber.xerm (German) satisfy all wishes: Thanks to a new binder technology they cause less irritation to the skin, are easy to process and environmentally friendly.

In addition to improved product properties, a CO2 saving of up to 76 percent was achieved. The production of a pallet of the weber.xerm 858 tile adhesive produces approx. 300 kg less CO2 than previously thanks to the BlueComfort technology. That corresponds to the emission of a conventional small truck on a road journey of 1,550 km.


  • comfortable handling
  • environmentally friendly
  • CO2 saving of up to 76% in the production

Rigitherm 032

Rigips develops solutions with a long lifecycle, combining high energy efficiency and a good eco-balance of the building-materials and components. Building biologists classify gypsum as recommendable building-material. In recent years numerous plaster products from Rigips have regularly received this recognition.

Such a model of sustainability is the interior thermal insulating system Rigitherm 032 (German) from Rigips. The safe, technically tested system contributes significantly to the reduction of heating costs and CO2 emissions, offers safe protection against the moisture and mould formation and prevents structural damage: It improves the interior climate as well as the thermal cosiness.

  • Insulation according to the legal regulations of the EnEV
  • Verifiably high building physical safety and protection from condensation and mould formation
  • Clear reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Safe assembly through complete system

Rigidur H

Anyone, who – like Rigips - equips its entire gypsum fibreboard range Rigidur H (German) with a natural room air cleaning effect as a standard feature, sets all the signs for a future aimed at a feeling of well-being and sustainable comfort.

  • Complete gypsum fibreboard range with a natural air-cleaning effect
  • NRemoves up to 98% of formaldehyde from the room air
  • Removes or reduces many other volatile organic substances (VOCs),
  • IBR certification


Water-power is a renewable energy which has already been used for decades. It currently covers almost 19% of the demand for electric current throughout Germany and will grow in the next few years by about 4%.The ALPINAL® (German) pipeline systems for high-pressure pipelines, with operating pressures up to PFA 125, are in use for the construction of turbine pipelines.

Besides large dams there is also the possibility of decentralised power supply by means of small hydroelectric power stations and reservoirs which can be used for the purpose of energy storage.


  • Fast production
  • Very high load-bearing capacity
  • Low construction costs
  • Ecological


Geothermalheat exchangers, making use of ductile iron energy piles, heat buildings in winter and cool them in summer geothermally. The ductile pile is mainly used in systems of deep foundation in building construction including industrial buildings, in refurbishment / post-foundation of buildings, in bridge building, in slope protection, in ground nailing and in pipeline construction for saddle installation of pipes.


Ecophon has successfully developed a recycling technique in the form of EcoDrain™, a light filling material for soil drainage. This end-product is compressed to a seventh of the original glass-wool volume. Originally used for the transformation of glass wool dust from production processes, in the long term this system will be extended to use scrapped ceiling panels, since the interest in this new product is growing strongly. EcoDrain™ also takes over the function of a formerly natural drainage layer which is no longer available, for example, from gravel extraction.


ISOVER produces first-class products according to strict standards which not only show excellent insulating, sound and fire protection values but are also completely free of risk for health and environment. In particular, the RAL stamp of quality and the “Blauer Engel” eco-label confirm that. ISOVER has been the first mineral wool available worldwide since 2009 in the heat conductivity grade 032 and makes slim, efficient constructions possible.

It reduces CO2 emissions and is 100% recyclable, because production and pure construction site waste can be returned once again to the production process. In addition, Saint-Gobain Isover makes a commitment to the climate protection initiative CO2NTRA each year through financial support for non-commercial climate protection projects.


Less heating costs through better insulation: The thermally improved SWISSPACER V spacer for insulation glazing convinces thanks to its optimal heat transition resistance. The heat transition coefficient is at least 0.1 W/m2K lower in comparison with conventional aluminium spacers. Reductions of up to 0.3W/m2K are attainable. The result: with the SWISSPACER V high-tech spacer as much as 5% of the heating costs can be saved. That is good for your purse and through reduced CO2 emissions is also good for the environment.


  • less heating costs
  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • the very best thermal spacer available on the market


The flexible PTFE SHEERFILL®-Membranes for roof and façade constructions have a positive influence on the energy efficiency of buildings, particularly in warmer regions of the Earth. The permeability of daylight is up to 15%, however, without heating up as a result of solar radiation. The greater part (> 70%) of the solar radiation is reflected by the white surface, so that although the interiors, of course, remain bright, they still remain cool even on the hottest days. In comparison with other frequently used building materials as a result energy costs for air conditioners but also for interior lighting can be saved during normal business operations. The material is extremely UV and weather-proof. Product life-cycles of more than 30 years are normal.

SHEERFILL® was recognized with the Energy Star® environmental label of the US Environmental Protection Agency and certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council, which confirms an improvement in building efficiency and a reduction of the environmental impact caused by buildings. With the additional EverClean photo-catalytic coating possible maintenance and cleaning costs can be avoided.


  • Reflects up to 70% of solar radiation – naturally bright and cool
  • UV and weather stability lead to very long life cycles
  • With the EverClean Topcoat: no maintenance and cleaning costs


PAM-GLOBAL® (German) cast iron pipes and form pieces recycling capably of 100%. The pipes consist of scrap iron to about 95%.

Iron can be one melted again and again, an "infinite" circulation system. This one Pam globally spares systems of drainage from cast the longevity the natural resources lastingly furthermore.