Rigidur H Activ'Air

Whether in residential or work environments - a healthy indoor climate has an important influence on human’s feeling of well-being. The gypsum fibreboard Rigidur H Activ’Air (German) with its air-cleaning composition which provably removes 100% of formaldehyde from the room air and also considerably reduces many other pollutants, really allows you to breathe freely.


  • Removes 100% of formaldehyde from the room air (acc. to test report of the ECO-institute)
  • Also removes almost completely many other pollutants from the room air which occur as volatile organic substances (VOCs)
  • Considerably reduces heavier volatile pollutants which can accumulate due to their stability in living rooms, e.g. benzaldehyde

Climafit Prothermo

For efficient climate ceiling systems which are equally good at heating and cooling rooms, the unique and patented Climafit Prothermo plasterboard (German) recommends itself which, thanks to the contained graphite, has high heat conductivity and combines a perfect room climate with a high level of energy efficiency.


  • High degree of thermal comfort
  • Outstanding heat conductivity thanks to gypsum-graphite core: > 0.5 W/(m • K.)
  • Iincreased efficiency in comparison with conventional GKB boards of up to 30%
  • Long-term cost savings through reduction of the flow temperature
  • Geothermal applications possible

Climafit Protekto

The innovative Climafit Protekto (German) board reduces electromagnetic radiation (e.g. radio mast radiation) by up to 99.999%. Highly recommendable in terms of building biology.

  • Up to 99.999% (= 50 dB) reduction of electromagnetic waves
  • Ideal combination of natural raw materials gypsum and graphite
  • Attenuation of shielding increases with level of frequency range.

weber.therm A 100 and A 20

Mineral weber.therm façades make a substantial contribution to a healthy and natural room climate and offer effective soundproofing.

The two mineral systems weber.therm A 100 and A 200 (German) were the first external thermal insulating systems to be recognized with the award of the “Blauer Engel” environmental protection seal. weber.therm A 200, in combination with the innovative top coat weber.pas top, was recognized in November 2012 with the award of the Bundespreis Ecodesign. The Bundespreis Ecodesign is presented by the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency. Products are honoured, the both under formal and ecological it is exemplary for points of view.


  • optimal room climate
  • effective soundproofing
  • "Blauer Engel" eco-label and “Bundespreis Ecodesign” award

weber.therm LockPlate

weber.therm LockPlate (German) Vacuum insulation panels known as VIPs for short, are the latest innovation on the ETICS (External thermal insulating systems ) market. Weber has thereby jacketed vacuum panels with EPS and developed a special transferring technology, with which heat bridges are consistently avoided. The panel absorbers are found on two levels in which, whereby the integrated VIPs always overlap. The VIPs achieve unmatched insulating values of 0,007 W/mK. Depending on the object, a layer thickness of 10 cm is already sufficient to insulate at the passive house level – a top value that can hardly be beaten.


  • no heat bridges
  • extremely efficient
  • easy to handle
  • unmatched values of 0,007 W/mK
  • very tin


Lime plasters remove surplus humidity from the air and release it again when the air is too dry. They as a result, provably provide a healthy room climate and increase the feeling of well-being. Moreover, all weber.cal products (German) are free of preservatives, solvents or softeners and thus ideal for people suffering from allergies.


  • optimal room climate
  • 100% zero emissions
  • suitable for people suffering from allergies
  • antiseptic and fungicidal
  • natural material
  • without preservatives, softeners or biocides
  • VOC free (free of formaldehyde and benzene)

weber.mur clima

Saint-Gobain Weber has developed an environmentally-friendly alternative to the air conditioning system with the innovative climate regulating interior plasters weber.mur clima 23 (German) and weber.mur clima 26 (German). These interior plasters control the room temperature in a physical way. If the room temperature rises above 23° Centigrade or over 26° Centigrade (depending on the chosen variant) the plaster absorbs the heat, stores it and releases it once again if the room temperature sinks. The effect of the innovative climate interior plaster is based on the integrated phase-change material, also known as PCM (Phase Change Material). The PCM is integrated into the plaster packed in micro-capsules and cast there as a latent heat store. The micro-encapsulated paraffin used in weber.mur clima 23/26 melts at 23-26° C. And thereby absorbs large quantities of heat. By comparison: a 15 mm thick climate plaster coating of weber.mur clima 26 corresponds approximately to the thermal mass of a 70-mm thick plasterboard wall.


  • temperature regulating
  • creates a healthy living climate
  • high yield
  • for ceilings and walls

ISOVER Vario system

The airtight and humidity management system Vario (German) from ISOVER is a valuable solution for a perfectly insulated building shell. The Vario system with its mutually coordinated components ensures that neither unpleasant draughts occur nor that humidity can penetrate into the roof structure. The variable climate membrane prevents condensation forming and makes re-drying of the construction possible. The robust climate membrane Vario KM Duplex UV (German) is at the core of the Vario system.

Unlike conventional moisture barriers, the patented climate membrane repeatedly compensates for dampness and thus keeps the roof timbers dry in the long run. It is reinforced with a special fleece which makes it even more robust and makes installation much easier. And it has even more to offer: a UV protection which reliably protects the membrane from harmful solar radiation during the construction phase - behind glass for up to 18 months.


  • For perfectly insulated building shells
  • Airtight and windproof
  • Variable climate membrane as moisture protection
  • Prevents condensation, makes re-drying possible

Novelio® CleanAir

Novelio® CleanAir paintable wall coverings absorb and permanently capture 70% of formaldehyde from the air, even through several layers of acrylic paint. They begin working immediately and provide a long-lasting effect, making them an ideal solution for public spaces, including schools and healthcare facilities, as well as residential buildings. Especially for those people who are particularly sensitive, Novelio® CleanAir leads to an improvement in the room air and a noticeably better feeling of well-being.

  • 70% of the formaldehyde content is absorbed immediately after application
  • Durable effect even after application of several coats of paint
  • Permanent absorption: no release
  • A decorative, soft and robust wall covering with all the product characteristics of the Novelio® product range.


At the edge bonds, insulating glazing solutions are kept “at a distance“ with the help of a spacer profile. Thus the inert gas or air-filled gap between the panes on which the insulating effect of the glazing is based arises. Due to the better insulation qualities of the spacer from SWISSPACER we reach higher temperatures on the edge of the glass – the “warm edge”. This significantly reduces the danger of condensation. Higher temperatures on the glass edge simultaneously also mean less cold radiation and thus provide more room cosiness and a comfortable living climate.


  • higher temperatures at the edge of the glass – the “warm edge”
  • reduces the danger of condensation
  • less cold radiation
  • comfortable living climate


SHEERFILL® ETFE films are frequently used in multi-layer cushion constructions as lightweight and durable roof membranes. These transparent constructions provide a very high light transmission of the complete light spectrum. In addition, the surfaces are self-cleaning, the material is weather-proof, UV-resistant, non-combustible and can be printed with shading designs. Depending on the type of construction, U values of 1.18 can W/m*K can be achieved.

In cooler regions, heating costs can be reduced. Due to high material transparency and enhanced thermal isolation, solar energy is gathered and kept inside a building. In warmer regions, with intensive solar radiation the inside can be kept pleasantly cool by means of shading and insulation and nevertheless a high light quality can be achieved. Sheerfill ® ETFE is outstandingly suitable for roof constructions over atriums, swimming pools and shopping centres, but also for stadium or other façade applications.


  • good thermal isolation: U value of 1.18 W/m*K can be achieved
  • good thermal isolation: U value of 1.18 W/m*K can be achieved
  • cool regions: solar energy is gathered and kept inside a building
  • warm regions: with solar radiation and shading, the inside is kept pleasantly cool
  • non-combustible
  • weather-proof and self-cleaning


With PAM ELIXAIR (German) PAM GLOBAL® offers an effective and environmentally-friendly system which uses the external air, in connection with the natural temperature in the ground (geothermal energy), in a perfect interplay for a pleasant room climate. As below ground at a depth of about 1.5 metres the temperature is between 7 and 12°C degrees all the year round, by means of a refined pipe system aspirated external air can be used. The controlled home ventilation with heat recovery provides pleasant room temperatures in winter as in summer. The heating energy requirement and the cooling energy requirement are considerably reduced and, with that, also the CO2 emissions.

As a robust, indestructible and sustainable material, ductile cast iron is perfectly suited for this application. Cast iron has higher heat conductivity than plastic materials. A big advantage of PAM ELIXAIR is the form-stability of the system and it can be laid deep underground without any problems.


SGG PLANISTAR SUN®(German) is a clear glass with a thin transparent coating on one side. This layer on a metallic basis has two essential properties:

  • Low emissivity: it reflects the long-wave infrared radiation;
  • Protection against the sun: it reflects a large part of the solar energy.


SGG PLANITHERM® (German) is the name of a series of high-performance, low-emissive glasses. The products consist of clear glasses with a thin transparent coating on a metallic basis. This layer has a very low level of emissivity: it reflects the long-wave infrared radiation as result of which heating warmth is mainly lost.


SGG COOL-LITE® (German) is a float glass which is clear or coloured in the mass, to which a transparent metallic layer is applied. This layer provides the glass with its solar protection qualities and its special aesthetics. The layer is applied by means of cathode sputtering under vacuum on one side of the pane of glass.


SGG COOL-LITE® XTREME 60/28 (German) is a sun protection glass with a very efficient functional layer, which is applied using the magnetron process to the SGG PLANILUX® clear glass. The product is always processed to be insulating glass with a coating and, as a result, achieves its excellent qualities. Thus, among other things, it creates a bright, friendly atmosphere thanks to its extremely high light transmission and at all times of the year provides sufficient light in a room, since in most cases no additional, darkening solar protection must be installed


SGG ANTELIO® (German) is a coated sun protection glass. The transparent metal oxide film is applied during the production of the glass on the float glass line at a very high temperature, to clear SGG PLANILUX® float glass or to SGG PARSOL® float glass coloured in the mass. This so-called pyrolysis process provides the coating with several qualities:

  • Complete fusing of the coating with the glass surface
  • High robustness and stability
  • Protection against the sun and reflection.


CLIMAPLUS SCREEN® (German) is an insulating glass with lamellae or folding roller blinds, which are installed in the spaces between the panes, protected from the weather and requiring no maintenance. Modern control engineering makes it possible to adapt the sun protection variably to the respective climate. Adjusting the lamellae or roller blind can be manually, via switch, via remote control or automatically, for controlled according to the position of the sun, lighting conditions or the desired visual barrier. The elements can be adjusted singly or in groups, for individual rooms or whole façade sections – control systems make almost every solution possible.


LUMITOP® (German) is an insulating glass with lamellae between the panes, which redirect the daylight. The outer pane generally consists of 4 mm-thick, low-emissivity SGG PLANITHERM® ULTRA N glass. The inner pane is a cast glass which was developed specially for LUMITOP®. LUMITOP® serves to provide dazzle-free illumination of interiors with daylight in combination with sun protection systems (shutters, curtains etc.). When used for roof glazing (e.g. to provide daylight in high or narrow rooms like atriums, inner courtyards or corridors) LUMITOP®, ideally the glass be installed at an angle of about 20° to the horizontal and face the sun.


MicroShade™ (German) sun protection system is a transparent micro lamella ribbon made of stainless steel which is integrated into double or triple glazings stainless steel. The MicroShade™ lamellae are provided with precisely calculated perforations (sloping holes). They filter the sunlight like conventional Venetian blinds installed on the outside, however, with one important difference: Light from high angles is absorbed, while light from a low angle passes through the ribbon. Depending on angle of incidence of the sunlight, the g value varies day in the course of a day, as well as in the course of the year.

MicroShade™ can be integrated in double and triple glazings, it was developed by the company PhotoSolar in Denmark. In Germany, Glassolutions Flachglas Radeburg is mounting this innovation.