RIGIPS DIE BLAUE RF (German) with a certified sound insulation figure of up to 76 dBs this plasterboard makes drywall system a real noise barrier an densures peace and quiet in rooms. With these reliable system constructions the specified target values can surely be reached. In addition, “Die Blaue RF” offers the maximum safety with its high fire resistance classification to F 90.


  • improvement of sound insulation, up to w,R R = 63 dB for single stud partition walls
  • more quiet, well-being and comfort
  • tested systems guarantee high level of safety
  • high-level fire resistance: possible, up to F 180

Rigiton Air

The multidimensional qualities of the special Rigiton Air acoustic ceiling boards (German) are outstanding, especially with regards to properties for good room acoustics. The boards are additionally equipped with a natural air cleaning strength as a standard feature and have a positive influence on the indoor air quality and the room climate. Pollutants in the room atmosphere – such as, for example, formaldehyde - are effectively and sustainably reduced.


  • Best room acoustic qualities
  • High level of design freedom thanks to diverse hole designs
  • Provable improvement of room air quality

Rigiton Bix Sixto

Rigiton Big Sixto 63 (German) stands for the harmonious connection of outstanding acoustics with a stylish ceiling design. Thanks to its unique honeycombed design this acoustic ceiling board is an eye-catcher.

  • Unique honeycombed design in various qualities
  • Standardly with acoustic fleece for good sound absorption
  • Perfects seamless surface design
  • Wide range of uses e.g. in museums, theatres, concert halls, schools etc.

ISOVER Akustic

Besides efficient thermal protection, the mode of action of an optimal insulating material also includes soundproofing qualities which protect against noise from the environment or from neighbouring residential and work rooms. ISOVER Akustic (German) offers a product line with the best possible solution especially for inside walls and floors and have a high level of sound insulation. But also all other ISOVER insulating systems made of mineral wool provide very effective soundproofing without problems.


  • Perfect for interior walls, ceilings and floors
  • High soundproofing
  • Efficient thermal protection

Ecophon Focus

Ecophon Focus™ is a ceiling system which was developed with the objective of providing architects in the design process of open-plan offices and other large room solutions with more control. One of these innovations is the possibility of emphasizing a specific direction: the linear direction.

When it is question of more than ordinary sound absorption, Ecophon Solo™ is the best choice. These elements have a low weight, are easy to assemble and provide the ceiling with a completely new aesthetic dimension. With the Ecophon Focus and Ecophon Solo systems, from an acoustic point-of-view it is possible to create the ideal office.

The advantages of a good acoustic environment in offices:

  • improved well-being, less stress and fatigue
  • increased job satisfaction
  • concentration is made easier and the error rate sinks
  • communication is made easier and supported
  • more staying power for mastering difficult tasks

Ecophon Master Rigid™ A, E and Dp

Ecophon has developed new systems especially for schools, Master Rigid™ A, E and Dp. The new systems fulfil all requirements of an efficient learning environment, like impact resistance, design and optimal acoustics. The systems are designed in such a way that the individual acoustic ceiling boards can be assembled in the Connect support construction and, if necessary, dismantled from below once again. Master Rigid is produced in an innovative composite structure and thus has a unique, reinforced Akutex FT surface. This surface was specially developed for the requirements in schools, which is reflected, not least, in its impact resistance and its visual image.


The advantages of a good acoustic environment in educational facilities:

  • Less stress through less noise
  • Improved concentration and efficiency of pupils and students
  • Improved environment for simultaneous hearing and speaking activities during differentiated work forms
  • Future-proof studying and teaching environment

Ecophon Hygiene Meditec™

Room acoustic quality and hygienic safety must not mutually exclude each other. The hygiene acoustic systems from Ecophon, such as, for example, Ecophon Hygiene Meditec™, were designed with regard to the future and taking into consideration strict hygiene requirements. The integral design of rooms in which concentrated work, the recuperation of the patient and hygiene is ensured, is possible. The precise surface technology of the Ecophon Hygiene acoustic systems takes into account the requirements of particle emission and makes various ways of cleaning possible. The planning of modern and efficient healthcare facilities must satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of stakeholders. Usually, in healthcare facilities use is made of hard, smooth-surfaced, as they are easy to clean. However, these hard surfaces can cause an unpleasantly loud atmosphere. It has been proved that as a result of excessively high noise emissions, the quiet necessary for the patient - deep sleep - is not adequately guaranteed – that impairs the patient’s early recovery. A need-oriented architecture involves probably the oldest added value of a healthcare facility – peace and quiet.

Advantages of a pleasant acoustic environment in healthcare facilities:

  • Promotion of the relaxation and recovery of the patient
  • Discretion - the private sphere of the patient is preserved
  • Quiet safeguards concentrated treatment of the patient
  • Prevention of stress disorders and absence of personnel
  • Patient and employee satisfaction supports the image of the facilities


The sound-absorbing fiberglass wall covering Novelio® Acoustic is the solution for improving the acoustics of a room. The Novelio® acoustic wall covering is manufactured from a decorative glass fabric and a 5 mm-thick foam material. It provides a significant improvement of between 500 and 2000 Hz (human voice) and absorbs up to 50% of noise. These values make a classification in the absorber class D possible which is unique for such a thin wall covering.


  • Absorbs up to 50% of sound noise
  • Belongs to the D class of acoustic absorption
  • Improve intelligibility of the voice
  • Reduces noise propagation in high traffic areas echo in unfurnished rooms


Cast-iron drainage systems are predestined for providing effective soundproofing. For example, the sound value with the PAM GLOBAL® drainage system (German) made of cast iron, in a neighbouring room with a volume flow of 4 ltr./sec., is less than 20 dB (A). Acoustic insulation materials installed between wall or ceiling and the fixing clips of the pipeline, provide for a further reduction of noise in sewage pipe systems and thus ensure more peace and quiet in homes or workplaces.


The glass fabric FABRASORB® coated with PTFE coated is sound-absorbing in building interiors. Thanks to its textile character, flexible structures can be created in order to realize effective sound management in large buildings such as sports stadiums, airports or stations. This can be achieved, for example, in the form of acoustics sails, screens or ceilings. Frequently however, the FABRASORB® products are also combined with SHEERFILL® exterior membranes. In this combination, the FABRASORB® inner layer is optically hardly perceptible. In this way, double-layered textile roof structures are produced which, on the one hand, display a good level of translucency, and on the other, have sound absorbing qualities as well as improved thermal protection. In this way, FABRASORB® helps to keep the interiors pleasantly cool, even in the event of intensive direct solar radiation.


  • sound-absorbing
  • effective sound management in large buildings
  • translucent
  • offers thermal protection


Gusseiserne Entwässerungssysteme sind prädestiniert für einen effektiven Schallschutz. Mit passender Befestigungsschelle lag beispielsweise der Schallwert mit dem PAM-GLOBAL® Entwässerungssystem aus Guss in einem Nachbarraum während eines Volumenstroms von 4 l/s unter 20 dB(A). Akustik-Dämpfer zwischen Wand oder Decke und der Befestigungsschelle des Leitungsrohres montiert, sorgen für eine weitere Dämpfung von Geräuschen in Abwasserrohrsystemen und bringen so mehr Ruhe in Wohn- und Arbeitsstätten.


SGG STADIP® SILENCE (German) offers extraordinary soundproofing qualities thanks to a special inlayer as an intermediate layer in the PVB foil. Thanks to the inlayer in the composite PVB foil, a decoupling of the effective sound pressure is achieved and thus the transferred noise level reduced. In the insulating glass SGG CLIMALIT® SILENCE, SGG CLIMAPLUS® SILENCE or SGG CLIMATOP® SILENCE, SGG STADIP® SILENCE makes a significant reduction of the external noise possible in buildings which are located close to sources of noise (busy streets, stations, airports etc.) - in roof glazing it muffles the noise of falling raindrops on windows and roof glazing.


CLIP-IN® SILENCE (German) is a frameless door and partition wall series with the sound-insulating composite safety glass SGG STADIP® SILENCE. As a result, flexible partition walls combine the transparency and aesthetics of glass with soundproofing and manage to do it without glued joints and frame profiles. The special connection profiles make rapid assembly possible, can be dismantled without residues and, in addition, ensure transparent and even joints. The positive connection of the panes provides excellent stability and soundproofing qualities. Through the avoidance of vertical frame profiles, the supporting structure is hardly noticeable. Thus, a generous sense of space is created which is not diminished by the possible unevenness of glued joints. In addition, sound-proofing doors can be installed in the partition walls. They reach RW values of 32 up to 42 dB and, dependent on the execution are available as revolving or sliding doors.