Weber offers efficient interior insulating solutions which improve the thermic protection of the masonry and prevent condensation moisture. As a result, mould growth is stopped.

All system products for interior insulation, from the base coat mortar right through to the antiseptic lime interior plaster, are breathable and non-combustible. The full mineral weber.therm interior insulating system, therefore, provides a durably healthy living climate and simultaneously effectively contributes to the reduction of energy costs. As a system supplier, Weber offers all solutions for professional interior renovation from a single source: from products for fighting acute mould, via renovation of the old sealing, durably effective humidity barrier right through to interior insulating systems.

Glasroc F (Ridurit)

With the Glasroc F (Ridurit) (German) glass fibre-reinforced special plasterboard, Rigips contributes to optimal fire protection due to the maximum resistance figures of Glasroc F (Ridurit).


  • product complies with the European standard acc. to DIN EN 15283-1
  • non-combustible (A1.)
  • variable use, also in rooms with occasional increased humidity
  • efficient and safe in the system


Hybrid wall GF Top

The quality and durability of building materials are decisive for constructive and economic safety. Literally, the standard with regard to this requirement is set by the robustness of the Hybrid wall GF Top (German) of which the construction consists of a first layer of Rigips plasterboard and a second layer of Rigidur H gypsum fibreboard. Through the surface layer with the enormously firm and robust gypsum fibreboard, this system is particularly suitable for impact loaded constructions and is therefore frequently used in public buildings such as, for example, in schools and hospitals.


  • Highly robust and impact-resistant surface
  • Very good soundproofing (to Rw,R = 54 dB)
  • High fire resistance (F 90)
  • Improvement of indoor air quality thanks to natural room air cleaning effect of Rigidur H gypsum fibreboards
  • Saves time thanks to rapid installation of the second layer


The vital resource drinking water is becoming an increasingly scarce and precious good which it is necessary to protect for future generations. Similar to traffic routes, water and sewage pipe infrastructures must be capable of serving several generations. The BLUTOP® and NATURAL® (German) cast pipe systems made of ductile cast iron, in the nominal diameters 60 - 2000 offer the safe packaging for our precious good drinking water and safeguard the protection of the groundwater through dense pipeline systems in the area of sewage disposal.

The impermeable walls of the ductile (elastic) pipe systems, together with the leakproof connections and a lining of the pipes adapted to the use, sustainably prevent:

  • the penetration of substances from outside, which pollute the drinking water quality
  • the escape of sewage from sewage pipes which pollute the ground and groundwater reserves
  • general losses of water. The high operational safety reserves provide a consistently sure availability of drinking water, as well as the disposal of sewage, even in the event of extreme pressure loads and pressure variations.



  • low weight – easy to handle
  • low insertion forces – rapid mechanical laying
  • high mechanical load-bearing capacity.


The excellent resistance of ULTIMATE (German) to very high temperatures (up to 650°C), are ideal for insulating buildings requiring exceptional fire resistance. This new material is the result of several years’ research and development in response to our customers’ safety and comfort demands. Isover ULTIMATE is a light mineral wool offering the same properties as traditional Isover mineral wool in terms of insulation, easy handling, environment-friendliness and value for money. The m ajor new feature lies in ULTIMATE’s excellent resistance to high temperatures to insulate buildings offering exceptional fire resistance. This performance is the result of a unique, patented glass composition.


  • Melting point of > 1,000°C
  • Same fire and heat resistance as stone wool,
  • But as light and easy to handle as glass wool.
  • RAL Quality Mark as a distinctive and active part of consumer protection
  • “Blauer Engel” eco-label for ecologically superior product quality.

G3 touch

G3 touch is the optimized Isover quality standard for mineral wool which is good for the environment and pleasant to use for the processor. G3 touch mineral wool with a new binder formula is not only of a high quality technically with the accustomed safe clamping effect, but also softer than the previous glass wool and with that more pleasant to process. G3 touch means outstanding comfort and convincing protection of people and the environment, as well as top quality.


  • Softer than previously
  • Outstanding comfort in processing
  • Fulfils highest environmental requirements

Ecophon Hygiene Advance™

For fields of work with high hygiene requirements Ecophon has developed highly absorbent systems complete with surfaces which not only decrease the noise level, but also, prevent the growth of microorganisms. Ecophon Hygiene Advance™ can be used in all branches of industry with strict hygiene regulations, it is suitable for clean rooms and for various cleaning methods and agents. In the food, drinks, pharmaceutical, as well as in the electronics industry, hygiene plays an essential role. Therefore, smooth surface materials are selected for walls, floors and ceilings which distinguish themselves through their good cleaning characteristics. This is achieved, however, at expense of a higher noise level in the production areas. The improvement of the acoustic environment in these industrial areas requires solutions which satisfy both the requirements of the acoustics and those of hygiene.

The advantages of an acoustic measure are:

  • Compliance with the specifications of the TRLV (Noise and Vibrations Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance)
  • Prevention/reduction of hearing damages
  • Increased labour safety due to better understandable warning signals and safety instructions
  • Improved communication and concentration
  • Less stress and errors increase productivity
  • Employee satisfaction: better feeling of well-being at quieter workplace

Novelio® Mold-X

Novelio® coverings stops the development of mold and bacteria on the surfaces immediately and permanently. They maintain their performance on protection of walls and ceilings. The mould and bacteria-proof fiberglass wall covering Novelio ® Mold X is the perfect solution for sanitary areas.


  • No growth of bacteria and mold on the surface
  • Durable effect even after applying several coats of paint


PYROSWISS® is a clear fire resistant safety glass with 30 minutes integrity (E30). This thin, elegant, fire resistant glass has improved mechanical integrity and anti-breakage properties. In the event of a fire PYROSWISS® provides an effective barrier against the passage of smoke, flames, and hot toxic gases. By remaining transparent and fully intact, the glazing allows people to make their escape and rescue services to be fully aware of any impending danger. Rapid access can be achieved safely to facilitate hose access, smoke evacuation, and rescue efforts.


CONTRAFLAM® is a clear fire resistant safety glass with 30-120 minutes integrity and insulation (EI30-EI120). CONTRAFLAM® satisfies the highest demands of fire protection. It is robust in handling and UV-stable with numerous variations available. When exposed to fire the special intumescent interlayers turn opaque and expand to form a fully insulating heat shield. This effectively reduces the transmission of radiated and conducted heat for up to 120 minutes. The opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire which minimizes panic and acts as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.


CONTRAFLAM® LITE is a clear fire resistant safety glass with 30-60 minutes integrity and radiation reduction (EW30-EW120) and partially insulating. CONTRAFLAM® LITE can be customized to your design requirements, for optimal design freedom. When exposed to fire, the special intumescent interlayer turns opaque and expands to form a partially insulating heat shield. This effectively reduces the transmission of radiated and conducted heat. The layers also provide an integrity barrier against smoke, flames, and hot gases for maintained integrity in excess of 120 minutes. The opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire which minimises panic and acts as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.


CONTRAFLAM® STRUCTURE is a butt-jointed all glass partition for frameless fire protection (EW30-EI120). This product combines an aesthetically appealing and minimalistic appearance with the highest standards of performance. Contraflam Structure (Lite) is a fire resistant glass which consists of two or more sheets of toughened safety glass. The cavity between the sheets of glass is filled with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire. The protective interlayer is based on nanotechnology and is UV stable. It also offers high light transmission. In addition to its fire protection properties Contraflam Structure also meets the demands of use of ‘break safe materials’ and offers optimum safety in escape routes and busy areas. The opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire, which minimizes panic and acts as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.


The PTFE SHEERFILL® membrane is a very versatile material, particularly for public buildings in which strict fire protection requirements are relevant. It satisfies the fire protection requirements of almost every type of construction. Both raw materials (fiberglass and Teflon®) are non-combustible. A foil roof loses its consistency between 200°C and 250°C. Above this temperature the foils disappear almost completely. Heat and smoke can escape easily to the outside in the event of fire. High temperatures in the interior which can seriously damage the building structure can be avoided.


  • non-combustible
  • satisfies fire protection requirements of almost every construction type


Domestic drainage systems from PAM GLOBAL® (German) for the safe drainage of dirty and rain water. Whether in private or commercial building projects, the PAM GLOBAL® programme is tailored to the respective field of application and covers a complete supply of pipes, form pieces and accessories.

PAM-GLOBAL® offers systems for:

  • Building drainage
  • Canteen kitchen drainage
  • Condensation water protected drainage pipes
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning pipes
  • Site & bridge drainage
  • Syphonic Roof-Drainage-Systems- EPAMS-HDE (German)


PAM-GLOBAL® systems (German) of cast iron have the best flame resistance and fire protection qualities.

PAM GLOBAL® pipes and form pieces globally consist of cast iron with flake graphite acc. to EN 1561. This material corresponds to the building-material class A1 acc to 4102 in Germany and is not combustible! Given the increased fire protection requirements in the building construction, cast iron pipe systems are indispensable. The fire classification according EN 877 for the whole system –pipes, fittings and couplings is A2-s1,d0.


An indispensable protection:

  • No spreading of fire
  • Given professional installation and sealing-off of the remaining gaps of openings PAM GLOBAL® pipe systems prevent the possibility of a flashover.
  • Decisive minutes for escape are gained
  • For the fire brigade the chances of only having to fight one area of fire and to save the building substance are improved.


SGG SECURIT® (German) is a single-pane safety glass (ESG). It is thermally pre-stressed and has a mechanical and thermal resistance which is higher than that of standard glass. In the event that it breaks, it breaks into small blunt-edged fragments and thus prevents serious injuries and lacerations.


SGG STADIP® (German) is a composite safety glass (VSG). It consists of two or more panes of glass which are linked by one or more panes of PVB foil to form an inseparable unit. In the event of breakage, the PVB foil holds the broken fragments together and additionally offers protection against the glass collapsing and falling pieces of glass.


SGG SECURIT® ALARM (German) is a SGG SECURIT ® glass pane with an electrical circuit which is printed and burned-in using the screen printing process and is connected with an alarm system.

Should the pane shatter, for example, as a result of violence, the circuit is broken and as a result sets off an alarm (VdS test number 180030). In accordance with the VDS guidelines, the alarm circuit should be installed in the glass at the top right or top left.


The term SGG STADIP® PROTECT (German) refers to composite safety glasses which satisfy the requirements of special safety classifications. The safety classes orientate themselves on the qualities the functions. The attainment of the safety class is determined by an official testing centre making use of test procedures according to DIN EN norms and or VDS guidelines.