weber.floor 4032

The use of fast-drying systems with at light-smoothing, flow or conventional screeds, fillers and high performance thin screeds enable construction professionals to produce load-bearing and durable floor constructions in only a short time and to apply floor coverings at an early stage and safely. With weber.floor 4032 (German), for example, the floors in hospitals, hotels or salesrooms can be decontaminated in just a single day, without limiting regular operations any longer than absolutely necessary. Influence factors like noise, dust and restricted freedom of movement can be largely avoided.


  • after approx. 1 hour ready for laying
  • Parquet flooring after approx. 12 hrs.
  • Usable without undercoat on defined surfaces

weber.tec Superflex D2

The ultra-flexible water-proofing filler weber.tec Superflex D2 (German) is based on a special binder technology. This makes excellent values possible in terms of processing, flexibility, drying and productivity. weber.tec Superflex D2 provides safety even after years of heavy loads and remains permanently flexible. Thanks to the fast and simple processing, the product is also particularly economical and versatile.


  • fast complete drying. Even at +5° C and 95% relative humidity
  • completely dry after 24 hours
  • simple processing

weber.tec Superflex D24

With weber.tec Superflex D24 (German) Weber has a new bitumen-free building high build coating on the basis of a fast setting technology which functions reactively. With this new development Weber is revolutionizing the application and processing possibilities for structural sealing.

weber.tec Superflex D24 distinguishes itself particularly thanks to its great versatility. The material can be used for the sealing of large areas, restoration of old buildings, levelling filler and also as an insulating board adhesive. Another advantage of weber.tec Superflex D24 is that it does not require special labelling.


  • controlled drying irrespective of the weather
  • waterproof after a short time, 1 Bar pressure after 24 hours
  • back-fill and subjecting to load after 24 hours

weber.xerm 859 F

The innovative, temperature-independent tile adhesive weber.xerm 859 F makes planning reliability possible. With the innovative weber.xerm 859 F (German), every area can be walked on and is available after three hours – no matter whether in the cold or in the warm season.

The innovative flexible tile adhesive weber.xerm 859 F can be used in a variety of ways thanks to "S1" flexible adhesive optimization. weber.xerm 859 F is suitable for laying indoors and outdoors on walls and floor areas as well as for laying of all popular ceramics, natural stones and mosaic variants which are insensitive to discolouration.


  • temperature-independent
  • optimal planning reliability
  • every area can be walked on after three hours

ProMix Airless F

Equally quick, because it is also ready to use in mechanical processing, is the use of ProMix Airless F (German) for a masterly upper surface finish. With this ready-to-use filler of the very top class, which can be used on many wall sub-surfaces, rapid technology is combined with sophisticated aesthetics and thus transforms rooms into a real “wow” experience.

  • For mechanical processing and construction of perfect high-quality surfaces to Q4
  • Usable on plasterboard, concrete, rough plastered areas and other bases
  • High degree of whiteness
  • Very smooth and very easy to grind
  • In the practical foil bag


The construction of pipelines with the PAM DIREXIONAL® (German) pipe made of ductile cast iron for trenchless laying of pipelines in the water supply system and for sewage disposal not only saves time, but also makes an important, active contribution to quiet for both humans and nature.


  • avoidance of traffic impairments
  • avoidance of supplies interruption
  • reduction of encroachments on the environment
  • reduction of accident risks
  • reduction or avoidance of economic effects on local companies during construction of the pipeline
  • reduction of noise and air pollution for local residents
  • The ideal solution for projects in environmental protection zones or inner-city areas