The Saint-Gobain companies offer a wide range of working aids or "e-tools" to help you optimally plan and realize your building plans or project and to do it all quite conveniently on the computer.

Room climate

RiKS 2.0 - Rigips Calculation Service – Rigips

  • simple and precise calculation of Rigips systems
  • approx. 1200 complete calculation sheets, individually adaptable
  • incl. parts lists and assembly times
  • project calculation and tender preparation

RiKS 2.0 - Rigips Calculation Service

Interior insulation (Rigitherm) Computer – Rigips

With the Rigitherm Calculation Tool, Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH offers you a tool which simplifies dealing with the thermal and hygroscopic behaviour of an interior insulation with Rigitherm 032 and 040. By entering a few details, such as: climate region, U-value of the existing wall, desired insulation, existing construction you receive a fast and reliable result.
In addition the Rigitherm Calculation Tool provides you with the new U-value, your energy saving effect and tells you whether the requirements of EnEV 2009 are fulfilled.

Interior insulation (Rigitherm) Computer


Soundproofing computer – Rigips

The soundproofing computer is particularly user-friendly and is largely self-explanatory.
With it you can simply calculate and check the resulting sound absorption R'w,R of Rigips assembly walls and check whether the requirements of sound absorption between the rooms erf. R'w are fulfilled.

Soundproofing computer

Room Acoustics Computer – Rigips

With the Room Acoustics Computer you can calculate reverberation periods and complete your room acoustic planning in a simple way. To do so, first details about the room and the furnishing are required. Based on the room volume and the planned use, the tolerance range within which the reverberation periods should lie can be calculated (grey curves). After every change in the entry fields, all computed results are automatically updated.

Room Acoustics Computer

Design freedom

Colour advisor – Weber Austria

161 creative shades. The new colour shade worlds of Weber-Maxit leave no wishes unfulfilled. Design your individual façade!

Colour advisor

Virtual Design Studio – Eckelt Glas

In order to bring colour and design closer in their interplay, you can visualize your ideas in the Virtual Design Studio.

Virtual Design Studio

Virtual Design Studio (Floor) – Eckelt Glas

The LITE-FLOOR Design Studio visualizes the standard coating and its colour impression for full and partial coatings. In addition, individual colours can be represented from our LITEX colour collection. For special colours please follow our cleaning notes.

Virtual Design Studio (Floor)


Information about public subsidies (Germany) – Rigips

The latest data about subsidies from cities, administrative districts, municipalities, energy supply companies, federal states and the federal government can be found in our subsidies database. Via our online research you receive direct information about all promotional programmes which come into question for your new building project – whether new, renovation or modernization.

Information about public subsidies

Configurator – Isover

The configurator provides building owners a realistic estimate of energy savings through the use of Isover products. It is characterized by its simple user interface, it allows even beginners to use the product finder, including the product list for the insulation project.


U-value Quick – Isover

U-value Quick" represents the ideal planning tool for architects, engineers, DIY and all other builders, it provides a calculation of possible U-values that can be reached through the use of Isover products.

U-value Quick

Passive House Planner – Isover

Created in cooperation with the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, the ISOVER catalogue contains a set of Passive House Certified Constructions, for modernization and new constructions, including all details for the energy planning of the building envelope. Get easy access to all necessary data, such as the layer structure, the description of the air tightness system, the thermal bridge calculation or CAD drawings.

Passive House Planner

DämmCalc Hochbau 3.0 – Isover

With the new programme “DämmCalc Hochbau 3.0” you can reliably advise on all relevant components for heat and humidity barrier. Available savings potentials are clearly shown clearly after entering just a few details. The program also makes control of mould protection possible in interiors and guarantees the humidity protection of components. A renovation proposal with insulating material thicknesses is automatically provided.

DämmCalc Hochbau 3.0


Radiation Protection Computer – Rigips

The Rigips Radiation Protection Computer finds the shield damping performance of 1 or 2-layered Climafit Protekto constructions. The calculations are carried out on the basis of the screen damping performances as documented by Prof. Pauli compared with electromagnetic waves. The radiation densities can be entered in the input mask in dependence with the available frequencies.

Radiation Protection Computer

Development Advisor – Rigips

With the Rigips Development Advisor we provide our DIY fans with comprehensive online support for planned building measures, namely, for the following areas of application: floors/ laying dry screeds, producing partition walls, planking solid walls (interior), occupy assembly ceilings/take off, cladding/suspending prefabricated ceilings, attic conversions / planking pitches of roofs.

Development Advisor

Time saving

System search – Rigips

With the help of the system search, Rigips systems can be selected or limited on the basis of building physical qualities. Choose between: acoustic ceiling, floor, roof, ceiling, wall.

System search

ISOVER VacuSoft 1.0 – Isover

The ISOVER VacuSoft planning aid supports planners and processors when drawing up an optimal plan by making a laying proposal. The basis for this is a precise recording of dimensions on the construction site. After entry of the geometric key data of the structural element, the software calculates how many VacuPads will be needed in which format and makes a proposal for the arrangement of the panels. In addition, VacuSoft calculates the proportional cover of the structural element with vacuum insulating elements, which in turn is required for the calculation of the U value with a warmth bridge program.

ISOVER VacuSoft 1.0

Product Scout – Isover

ISOVER Austria offers the perfect insulating solution for almost every project:
with the product finder you learn more about our products and their ranges of application. Simply select area and application!

Product Scout

Architect file Isover Austria – Isover

The architect file contains over 80 passive house detail sets which are available in various formats: *.PLA, *.DWG and *.DXF and can be further processed in the respective CAD programs. Besides the construction details, you will find all the necessary building physical parameters, technical information about the products used as well as a simulation for the U-value calculation.

Architect file Isover Austria

Tender Assistant – Weber

The essential features of optimal preplanning are tender documents which are true to detail. Only in this way are architects and planners able to make exact object calculations.
Weber-Maxit provides you with the tender texts in 8 popular formats (PDF, GAEB, HTML, Datanorm5 etc.). They can thus be entered directly, for example, into the Ava program.

Of course, the tender texts are always adapted to the current level of technological development and are available for you free of charge.

Tender Assistant

Component Calculator – Weber

With the ecotech Component Calculator in just a matter of seconds you can determine the U- values of your component constructions. The glazier diagram (diffusion behaviour) is calculated and presented automatically and without further entries. As a result, you have assurance about the building physical factors, such as, for example, dewpoint, condensation level and temperature curve.

Component Calculator

Tender Assistant – Saint-Gobain Glass

The free tender texts from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS make it possible for you to prepare tables of specifications in accordance with the current state of technology with references to the relevant norms.

Tender Assistant


Rigips – App

No matter whether planner/architect, manufacturer, dealer or DIY fan, in the Rigips App you will find all the important product and system information, service tools and downloads.

These are subdivided into the following main categories:

- Rigips Multi-Comfort house
- dry construction
- plaster & fillers
- insulating materials
- service & information
- downloads
- latest news
- system search
- RiKS calculation
- contact

The key features beside the Rigips Multi-Comfort house consists of the system search (Planning & Building) as well as the corresponding (RiKS) calculation of these systems.

App for Android
App for iPhone/ iPad

Isover – App

DWith ISOVER U-Wert-Quick you always have an uncomplicated tool available that with just a few simple details calculates and displays the heat transition coefficients, whether current specifications (EnEV, Passive House Standard and Multi-comfort) are fulfilled.

Isover App

Weber – App

The Weber App contains all information about the products from Saint-Gobain Weber. No questions remain unanswered on the construction site. Because the Weber App contains all information about the products from Saint-Gobain Weber and extensive application tips for processing. It is therefore ideally suitable for craftsmen, civil engineers and architects on the spot, as a source of information and interactive aid. Further helpful features are the simple search for the nearest weber.profi depot, the creation of a project list for current construction projects and the opportunity for making rapid contacts to a Weber specialist consultant.

Weber App

Glass Compass – App

The choice of the right insulating glass makes a decisive contribution to the reduction of energy consumption. Unfortunately, it cannot be generally assumed that the Ug value in the window is the only component to be taken into account. The choice of the right glass is dependent on several factors. Since in the construction of residential properties a calculation of the energy gain for each insulating glass by an environmental engineer is too cost-intensive, Saint-Gobain Glass, in cooperation with GLASSOLUTIONS, has developed the SGG Glass Compass. The SGG Glass Compass is available as an App for the iPhone, the iPad as well as all android systems.

Glass Compass (app)